New World Health Organisation HIV guidelines

WHO September 2015 HIV Guidelines

The document is a bit technical but the good think is its recommendations are inclusive of the normally left out groups. A lot of research relating to HIV prevention especially in sub-Saharan tend to focus on heterosexuals and usually there is no data relating to LGBTQ which is considered a high risk good. It was therefore a welcome feature to see inclusion of high risk groups in the WHO guidelines

Highlights of the guidelines

  1. They are now recommending universal treatment for everyone who tests positive regardless of their CD4 count or clinical staging
  2. There is recommendation for making pre-exposure prophylaxis more available and accessible to everyone who might need it especially high risk groups. HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis is taken before exposure to risk and has been shown to be effective in preventing HIV transmission
  3. There are quoted researches showing that adherence to Anti- retroviral treatment by HIV positive individuals will reduce rate of transmission to their partners and this also includes men who sleep with men

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