Letter to Black Cisgender “Allies” Like Me

My Solid Philosophy

“While driving home I flipped through several black radio stations. Listening to them discuss transpeople was so disheartening – the blatant disregard in using the correct pronouns, making jokes about their physical appearance and, of course, inserting religious commentary. I listened to the D.L. Hughley show for a little and he kept calling Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn Jenner) ‘He’ even after one of the ladies corrected him and said, ‘She.’ [D.L. Hughley’s reasoning for continuing to use the wrong pronouns was that], ‘He needs to get more work done because he doesn’t look like a woman.’ I was just so disgusted. Not shocked, but disgusted.”

A good friend sent this message in a text to me late last night. Prior to this message, I hadn’t said anything to anyone about Caitlyn. I was actually writing a piece about blacks and police brutality when I was forced to stop and think…

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