The black widow

Sally tossed and turned on her queen sized bed and a chilling breeze blew through the open window. Protesting to no one in particular she grabbed her satin morning gown and went to close the window. Her bed looked cold, lonely very unwelcoming. She then decided to check on her young son sleeping in the next room. The nanny had gone home for the weekend and he seemed to prefer to sleep in his on room. It’s amazing how they grow fast she retorted. Their generation however seemed to mature at alarming rate and at times seemed too big for their shoes.. She opened the door smoothly not wanting to wake him. Tears started flowing on her cheeks as she looked at how calm and peaceful he was. He had the gentleness of his father.  His eyes soft and soothing, lips breaking into a smile that always brightened her day. She could feel her husband holding her shoulders and smiling at their child. She started to feel some warmness and she quickly snapped herself back to reality. She went to her desk and decided to attend to some of her work emails.

She felt someone tagging her only to lift her head to see that handsome face. He had placed two bowls of cornflakes on the table. He was the sweetest child ever. She stood up hoping not to have drooled onto her keyboard. Her body felt stiff, and she stretched a bit as she went to sit next to her bundle of joy who had switched to his favourite channel prompting her to sing along. Suddenly her son asked if Uncle Mark was visiting them. The mention of him made her blush. Mark and her son Tapiwa were close friends. They conspired against her and a day with them was always full of pleasant surprises. She always thought Mark as Tapiwa’s big brother and he had become the highlight of their weekends. She looked at Tapiwa, clueless on how to respond to him.

During the week she had met Mark for dinner after work. She had then broke the news to him that they could not be together because of complicated circumstances. Mark being  strong willed could not hear of it. He highlighted that he fell in love with her even though she was older . He loved Tapiwa and wanted to be a part of their life. Sally just dismissed his protests as mere naivety of a love struck boy. She was the older person in the relationship and had to make him see some  sense. He just stood up and left as he tried to hold back his anger and frustration. The following days she deliberately ignored his calls and messages. She was doing all this to protect him even though it hurt her.

Few weeks prior her family had  learnt of the relationship . For the first time in her life they called her a disgrace to the family. Maybe because of how they found out. Her sister in-law who never seemed to keep her nose out of other people’s business spilled the beans. Sally’s in-laws accused her of having killed their son so she could find comfort in the arms of her boyfriend who wanted to enjoy wealth he did not sweat for. She was accused of cheating on her husband who had died 5 years ago,  2 years into their marriage. She loved him dearly and would never do anything to hurt him. That fateful day his car was hit by a commuter omnibus on his way to pick her from work was the worst ever. They did not know of the many nights she cried herself to sleep, missing him. They were not aware of how each day she hoped to see walk through the door. She relived it and the only thing that kept her alive was the innocent, blissful smile of their son. Every week she went to the restaurant where they had their first date and she would dine alone anticipating his coming. On one of the nights that’s when she met Mark. Mark had only been a part of her life in the past six months and he rekindled the old flame in her heart. He brought back a smile on her face. He made Tapiwa a dreamer and his name  never left Tapiwa’s lips. They had never been intimate but the mere thought of him moistened her groin.

She felt it right but the world thought otherwise. Mark’s family for starters made it clear they would not accept a single mother as a daughter in law for their son who never married. Her family thought it was an insult to her dead husband and seemed to want to her spend her whole life as a lonely mourning widow. Her in-laws saw their child’s blood in her hands and threatened to take Tapiwa from her because she had proven to be irresponsible. The only person who seemed to approve of her relationship with Mark was Tapiwa. He saw through her. He saw the love in her eyes. When she was with Mark, he was over the moon. Mark seemed to be filling the void in his life. Tapiwa’ s affection for Mark made her love this young man who had only seen the sun a year later than her……


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