is it necessary to be out of the closet

I always wonder if one day I will ever be out of the closet. The prospect of being  out of the closet seems great because it means less stress, no more secrets and one can be themselves. It also means that everyone now knows you and perceives you as such. There seems nothing wrong with that but where I come from there seems a lot to lose. Is it really worth coming out? When you come out you become approachable meaning its easier to get  a date yey!! It also means that closeted people avoid you to avoid this whole gay by association thing.

Is it really worth coming out? I have come out to two of my friends. With one he has been supportive and the other scrapped me out of his life completely. He forgot that we had been friends for a long time and threw everything out of the window just because I came clean. I think it is not necessary to come out to everyone. Just be out to those who matter the most but if you feel like coming to everyone then go for it.

I have read comments and stories about outing famous people. I believe everyone has a right to privacy regardless of their social status. I know we expect such people to use their influence to convince people to be more tolerant and accepting. At the same time it will be very selfish for us to make people jeopardize their careers for our personal happiness and gain. It’s a noble thing on their part but it has to be something that comes from within not some result of emotional blackmail. If you find out about a person’s orientation it is not your position to out them no matter how much you hate or like them or are convinced that it’s the right thing. The right thing is for a person to do it on their own. If a person’s castle is to crumble let it occur on its on and not as a result of your actions. If you are out, it is your choice do not expect the same for everyone…


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