Was having a night out with the boys when a clearly feminine guy passed by. Usually at such moments I switch off and pretend not to be there. I avoid drawing unnecessary attention to myself just in case. When you are hiding something you are always extra-cautious and at times it causes you to over react. I have nothing against feminine guys because I understand that most of them are naturally like that and there is nothing I can do to change them. I avoid them because I can’t yet face my insecurities and afraid to be outed.  I have to deal with it and be comfortable in my skin.

Anyway back to my story afterwards everyone started to talk about how much they hate chichimans. What I found disturbing is the stereotype that gay people are in it for the money. I cannot dismiss it because as there are heterosexual prostitutes they are also homosexual prostitutes. I am not justifying it but it sucks when you are now all considered to be prostitutes.Some of the males who sell sex are not even gay. People pay for sex because they are avoiding some form of commitment.  I have talked to a heterosexual prostitute before and I tell you some of these people go through a lot to end up selling their bodies for sex. Every case is unique though and its difficult to exhaust it.  I believe as there are sane heterosexuals there are also sane gay people. Its just that people blow things out of proportion. More than 80% of pedophiles are heterosexual but they make it seem as if all pedophiles are homosexual.  What do you make of old man who date adolescent girls. The society does not overreact about such stories and they just watch as young vulnerable girls are exploited. They should react with the same intolerance for pedophiles who abuse young girls as those who abuse young boys. I have digressed a bit . Anyway selling sex whether heterosexual or homosexual puts you in great risk of contracting various serious diseases. Buying sex has equally the same danger because it is an obvious case of multiple sexual partners. I hope one day people will be mature enough to view individual cases as such and not generalize.


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