And then………………..

I could not concentrate at school and kept to myself. Around midday I got a text from him saying he had a surprise for me and wanted to meet after work. My heart started beating fast and time slowed down as I anticipated meeting him. We met at his favorite pub and he was looking relaxed in jeans and a golf shirt which appeared to be custom made . Like a zombie I followed him to his car. His presence made me breathless. We drove quietly to where ever he wanted to take me and he was constantly glancing in my direction with a smile on his face. We then parked outside a lovely  house. He noticed me getting uneasy then he placed his hand on mine and assured me that everything was in control. The gate opened and we drove in. We went into the house. In the lounge was his friend who turned out to be the owner of the house. They had a few drinks and I had some juice though at that moment would have taken anything to calm my nerves. After a while they both went to the kitchen and a few minutes later he came back and asked me to follow him to where the surprise  was. I followed him like an obedient dog as he led me to one of the rooms. We went in and to be honest i knew what was about to happen and felt too weak to fight it off. He closed the door behind him and started kissing me nice and softly. Blood started rushing everywhere as I softly fell onto the bed. I willingly let him take off my clothes and was well into the moment. As he was removing his clothes I caught a glimpse of his wedding ring then stood up quickly and started putting my clothes on. At that moment he looked shocked and came close and asked me what was happening with me. I told him it didn’t feel right then he said it was right because we both loved each other. I told him that I needed time to think about it then he lost it. He snapped and asked me to behave like an adult. He then started going on about what I had expected and that in reality it did not work that way. The truth and reality then sunk in me that all this was for sex. This was a married man and how stupid was i to expect a fairy tale like story when he just wanted a quick one night stand to let out his suppressed homosexual feelings. He stormed out and I followed him tears on my cheeks. He then deliberately started ignoring me as he talked to the friend who looked clearly confused. We drove back and the car was suddenly cold and dead silent. The atmosphere was tense and I never felt so stupid and betrayed. He dropped me off in town then I sat alone for a while. My mom then called me worried because it was unlike me to be late without telling her where I was. When I got home I  quietly had my food . When my mother asked what was happening I wished I could tell her. I wished I could tell her about my life long struggle. I wished I could tell her about all the stupid things I had done. I just told her that I had a fight with a friend then she sensed that I did not want to talk  about it. I went to my room and flooded my pillow with my tears. I was expecting him to call and apologize but he did not . I never heard from him ever since. I have to admit that sometimes I would send him one odd text to check up on him and his family which he never responded to. Later on I was grateful that things worked out the way they did. I did learn my lesson. I feel sorry for guys in marriages of conveniences even more for their innocent wives  who are clueless of what their husbands do in the dark. But as they say if you make a bed you have to lie in it….


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