Why did i get married….?

Nothing beats a stroll in town on a Saturday night. The atmosphere is quiet but some spots are alive and vibrant with young people living their life to the fullest. I decided to take my lonely self out.  I went to a coffee joint that was highly recommended by a friend and I sat there with a cup of hot chocolate browsing the internet on my laptop. Obviously I was doing nothing productive online but just having quality time with myself. Halfway through my beverage I looked up across the room and became unconscious of what was happening around. All I remember is this super blazing hot  guy coming to seat across on my table and reminding  me how rude it was to stare. Honestly I was not aware that I was staring. It was embarrassing and at that moment I was grateful of being black so it least it was not apparent that “blushing”. I then stammered a lame justification after an apology. I said he looked like someone I knew then looking me straight in the eyes he dismissed my lie. This made it worse and I could not utter a single word but just smile. He then dropped his card on my table and said if I was interested I should call him and he gracefully walked back to his table. Moments later a beautiful lady arrived and they stood up together and walked away. He did not even glance in my direction as they walked out leaving me crushed. I ordered a slice of black forest, hoping for a mood boost. I just stared at his business card obviously frustrated. Then a naughty voice in me said reassuringly put in the possibility of the pretty lady being his sister. I took his number then sent him a text. I then left and went to my safe haven. Three hours later as I was tucked in my blankets he called, then he arrogantly mentioned how he was expecting my call.Normally i get very annoyed by people who are full of themselves but with him well he was so irresistible that i failed to hold a grudge against him.  We decided to meet for drinks the following day. We went to a loud pub. I was sipping on my coke which seemed to be the only non-alcoholic beverage for sale. He had coerced me into buying him his favorite beer which I ungrudgingly did mainly because I was willing to pay anything for his company. I then painfully asked him about the beautiful girl he was with then he admitted she was his wife and they had two adorable kids. At that moment my eyes were now flooded with tears . He held my hand and looked me in the eyes and said, “You know what I love my family. They are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Each day I look forward to help my children prepare for school and am always eager to collect them and hear about their day.” I then asked him what he was doing with me. Still looking straight into my eyes he said, “When I saw you looking at me I just wanted to talk to you. I could tell that you are a good person and I wanted you to be a part of my family. I did not want to regret having walked out without having said a word when I had the opportunity to talk to you. Your constant stare confirmed my suspicions and I got the boldness to approach you.” I looked down because i could not stand his eyes then i asked him why he got married. He looked in the distant then he said, “My friend you are still young but you will soon grow to understand that in life things do not always go the way you want them to be. Our society is intricate and complicated. When I started working my parents wanted a grandchild. I am the only  son in my family and everyone was focusing on me. My relatives anxiously waited for the day they would welcome my wife into the family. I could have been selfish and put my desires first and lead a lonely single life with the occasional hook ups and snapping at anyone who brought up the issue of marriage. But I thought of my parents and my family. I thought of their happiness. When I met my wife you should have seen the joy in their eyes. My mother brightened up like she had a new motivation to live. Every moment she spent with my wife, seemed to make her  healthier and hopeful which drove me to compromise my happiness for theirs. I knew I would grow to love my wife and I did. Even though when I am sleeping with her I am thinking of another guy I could never trade my family’s happiness for anything.” I could no longer hold back my tears and I was grateful the pub was poorly lit. Choking on my tears I then asked him where I fitted in the puzzle and he said , “When I saw you I fell in love with you. I wanted you to be a part of my family. I see in you a person I can introduce to my wife as a close friend of mine who is like my little brother. I see in you a person who will love my family as I do and will do anything  not to hurt them and me…” That marked the beginning of my emotional roller coaster…..


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