the odd goat in a sheep movie….

We were watching a very interesting South African short film. It really kept me on the edge and wanted to see the conclusion. It was revolving around teenage pregnancy then on the last scene a gay couple appears. One of them was an overly dramatic drama queen. One who would make Queen Morake appear calm and composed. It was hilarious but I did not see the relevance of the couple. They just stood there with exaggerated motions watching the last scene unfold. I don’t know where they came from or maybe they should have at least explained their relations to the main characters. It seems as if in most films and movies they are obliged to put one odd gay character and couple for the sake of completion or maybe to appeal to the gay community. Most of the time the characters are just side-lined and not in the main story line. This propagates stereotypes it’s like the odd black person in a white film. I imagine the directors of the movie sitting down and saying let’s throw one black person and another odd one who is seemingly gay just to get people to shut up., What’s your opinion


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