The dream life!!!!!!?

Are you a smart, intelligent young man? Are you trendy with a good taste in almost everything? Have you ever been described as charming or adorable? Do you have a high tolerance of loneliness? Do you want to be considered less human and worse than a dog? Do you want to live a life of confusion and being constantly blamed for what you have no control of? Do you want to be constantly reminded of how you are at risk of getting anal cancer and your multiple fold risk of getting HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and other venereal diseases? Do you want to be blamed for bringing AIDS to the face of the planet? Are you ready to be shunned and all your achievements disregarded? Are you willing to be neglected by your family and friends? Do you want the constant mention of your name to be accompanied by key terms like hell, devil, satanic, Sodom and Gomorrah? Are you willing to face constant threats and if you are lucky a few beatings? Do you want to live a world where being with the love of your life is mere fantasy? Do you want to live a life of only expressing your love to your partner in a soundproof, solid walled and locked room? Are you willing to constantly feature on front pages of tabloid magazines and be blamed for the dwindling population and climate change? Do you want everyone to jump out of the changing room the moment you walk in or people to deliberately keep their children away from you? Do you want a daily dose of bullying and a few occasional suicide attempts? Do you want to be born with a criminal record waiting for the ideal moment to retire to a maximum prison for life or if you are lucky get your head chopped with everyone cheering and no one flinching? If your response is yes to the above questions then you are the person we are looking at our company choosetobegayinvestments.. I guess that’s what an advert for a gay recruiting agency would sound like….


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