Church and Homosexuality…….

Everyone has a right to religion meaning that all religions need to be respected. I have a responsibility that as I exercise my rights I do not violate other people’s rights but is that possible…. I come from a christian community so I understand it better than most religions. Christianity is clear and explicit about sexual purity (though more gracious and accommodating of “conventional sexual sin which affects the majority I will focus on this some other time). In most Christian communities homosexuality is unacceptable and that is what they believe. Is it therefore fair to force such people to accept homosexuality? Isn’t forcing them to marry gay people for example violating their right to religion? In other words does my freedom of expression violate other people’s rights? I would love rights expects to comment on such issues. One of the rare qualities I have is a I am considerate. I deliberately consider how my actions affect other people. I believe that we should only go as far as asking Christians to be more tolerant and non discriminatory especially within the society. We should not force down their throats our belief systems. We should have a mutual relationship where we respect each others belief systems. For example the same way you do not deliberately take alcohol and pork products into a muslim environment is the same way you should not bulldoze your belief system in churches. However they are more tolerant churches you can consider  joining them instead of forcing your church to “compromise”. I know this point of view does not go well with radical gay activists.



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