Born free…….?

The first fundamental human right states that we are all born free and equal… are we? Some are born in deserts, others in tropical rain forests and some on icy climates. Some are born to rich parents in mansions, some in collapsing huts. Some are born in peaceful progressing nations and others in war torn countries. The question is what do they mean when they say we are all born free and equal. Is it freedom when you are born into captivity. Is it equality when you can barely survive and your childhood is defined by malnutrition. Are human rights applicable or just wishful thoughts. Reality always seems to say otherwise in many aspects. Most countries are signatories of the human rights charter but the gap between the rich and poor seems to be increasingly widening. How can equality be achieved when the rich seem to be getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Maybe the idea or theory of human rights appear to defy the concepts of nature for instance survival of the fittest. We are all driven by the need to survive and do anything possible to increase our chances to propagate even at the expense of the weaker people in our society. This is reality we can not run away from. Its just taken a different form where survival of the fittest no longer based on physical strength only. Was I born free and equal. You can argue by saying that I got equal opportunies as everyone else  but then I haven’t my freedom. I don’t have the freedom to be with the one I love. Love is crime that I can be arrested for. I was born a criminal because I am considered unacceptable and some advocate for my death…… just a thought…


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