The obvious confession

Yes I am gay. Let me demystify it a bit. I think I was born that way because I don’t remember at any point in my life when I had heterosexual feelings. I always got sexually aroused by other guys and not girls just to be explicitly clear. There was no point in my life I consciously decided to have feelings for people of the same sex. Even when I was in denial people close to me would say you will grow up to be gay; I am not sure what they saw… I know there have been many theories about the cause of homosexuality. There have been twin studies which might suggest the possibility of a genetic element. There is no particular gene but it could be interplay of multiple genes (it’s quite funny that most homophobes dismiss such studies and embrace studies with even less evidence…..) Then there is the issue of hormonal exposure during brain development. Psychologist claim fixation at some stages (Freud) and some claim lack of a father figure or father’s love. Well my dad loves me to bits. We are best buddies. I have nothing against him at all. We spend quality time together as boys and he does not abuse my mother or sisters… The people claim that it’s a western culture we adopted… I was attracted to other guys before I even knew that there was a term for it. My first exposure to gay content was well after puberty. Well my family is poor so I grew up watching local television and my country is super conservative….. Then someone said it was a demon and I went from one church to the next and one prophet to another with no avail. Yes I am justifying who I am just to give a picture to the judgemental people what I have been through. Homophobia gives a people a cause to fight for. I feel sorry for such people who allow hatred to boil in them and make them restless when they could enjoy their lives. The more you hate gay people the tougher their outer coating becomes…….


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