The lives we shatter……..

We do not realise so much pain we are causing and dreams we are shattering. I was talking to a friend who is one of the most amazing people I have met. He is an excellent cricket and rugby player. He was a straight A student who used to beat everyone in class. Just by looking at him you could see a natural leader. I assure you that everyone who knows him was expecting him to be making a difference globally. Sadly he is no longer that bright jovial person he used to be. He has down been downgraded to an alcoholic and is addicted to multiple substances. This has widened the already infinite gap between him and his parents. I know he has been called all sorts of names and people blame him for wasted potential. I empathise with him because I know how it feels like not to seem like having control over one’s life. It’s like some parents are giving birth to children because they want someone to fulfil their failed dreams. It’s like we are in a competition and they are busy comparing us to other people’s children. I know this might sound heartless and inconsiderate but I also deserve to be happy and not fulfil your selfish agenda. There are people who are stuck in unhappy marriages all because they gave in to societal pressure……I will dwell on this next time


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