My sexuality, my business

Anyway I personally believe that one’s sexuality is a personal and private thing. I am not one of those who would wear a t-shirt or have a banner on my forehead which says I am gay. Whom I am sexually attracted to is no one’s business. I will probably disclose my sexuality to people close to me so that I know I have people to turn to when I need their support. I have nothing against people who exhibit their sexuality at all. I know I have been labelled insecure by my friends and not comfortable in my skin. I do not deny it all. I was probably brought up that way. I do not wear pink or do not like Beyoncé because that’s my personal taste. So no one should expect me to like certain things because I am gay. Not every gay person is feminine. It’s just stereotypes we have to break even within the gay community. Just because I am guy it does not mean I am attracted to anything that has a penis and I am hypersexual. Actually I think sex is overrated!!!!! My straight friends do not feel uncomfortable when by some chance you find out my sexuality because I will not pounce on you. I am not some reckless predator. The same way you do not mount any girl you come across is the same way I do not hook up with any guy. One of the strengths of most gay people (or let me speak for myself) is self-control. We are constantly exposed to naked people of the same sex but we do not get erections. I sometimes share my bed with a person I have a crush on and nothing happens. It’s because of respect. I respect people’s choices and boundaries. When I tell you I am gay it does not mean I want to sleep with you so just chill. Actually I do not understand homophobes. I think some them are suppressed gay people and hate other gay people to divert attention from themselves or convince themselves that they are straight. Surely if you are clearly straight why be over dramatic and go out of your way to convince everyone that you are not gay…..


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