I have spent all my life pretending so I do not know who I really am. I do not know what makes me smile or euphoric. I have been always super conscious of everything. I watch what I say and what I do. It sucks not being able to wear my favourite shirt which I got as a gift from my dad on my birthday because of the message I think it might convey. I am quiet and composed not because I want to be but because I fear that a funny movement and I will sell myself out. Considering all this effort and unhappiness then some idiot comes up to me saying it’s my entire fault. Do people ever take time to see the world in other people’s eyes? We all jump to conclusions without taking time to analyse the complete situation a person is in. Unless you are a masochist I do not think anyone would choose pain and sadness over joy. I don’t think any sane person would find comfort in insecurity. I was talking to a friend who is in the same situation. It’s sad all the effort he has to go through just for a moment to be himself. Parents love talking about unconditional love but in reality there are conditions. They only accept you as long as you do not have a defect and fit the ideal definition. There is no room to be you. We live up to other people’s expectations who never take into consideration our happiness. It’s shocking that people give up on their child because he or she did not turn up the way they expected. People let go of long friendships just because of one thing which probably does not affect them. The world is full of hypocrisy and we are all hypocrites because the world does not appreciate that we are all different. My DNA is unique but you all expect me to fall into the bracket of everyone……


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