A message to my brothers

Then to my fellow gay brothers please let us not propagate stereotypes and downgrade ourselves to sexual objects. Being gay does not mean walk around naked and put you self as bait to any hungry frog. If you want people to take you seriously be serious yourself. People perceive you the way you want them to. Forgive me here I am a judgemental, lonely career oriented person and like to convince everyone that is the right way to go hahahahaha (evil laugh). Conversations which start with what’s your sexual role really annoy me. Seriously aren’t there more important and fun things to talk about. There are some people who run out of what to say if they are not flirting. Someone argued that they have real friends to talk to then they just look for other gay people to hook up with and release their sexual tension. SERIOUSLY!!! I think that people should not get into relationships on the basis of sexual roles, that bridge will always be crossed when the time comes unless lol Anyway that’s my opinion because I do not highly regard sex. I just think I should not sleep with anyone just because they are gay. Not forgetting that as gay people we have the highest risk of getting sexually transmitted infections including HIV (this is where my lesbo sisters are privileged Shout out to you!!). Actually not all gay people have anal sex (sorry to be crude) but just have to put that one. There are some celibate gays believe it or not hahaha. There are also faithful gay people. I know a couple who have been together for five years and they are still going…… Those who sell or buy sex that is a recipe for disaster. Actually its extremely risky. You will be exposing yourself to exploitations and a truck load of diseases, just saying……….


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